Indie City Games

Founded in 2010, Indie City Games is a collective of Chicago-based independent game developers who enact a number of programs that support the student, hobbyist, and novice proffesional game development community.

The founding mission of this organization was simple; to bring together people in Chicagoland with an interest in creating their own games. With this simple focus, Indie City Games was able to foster many of the now more established Chicago-based game development studios and artists.

Indie City Games programs a regular schedule of meet-ups that feature talks by more experienced creators and offers a venue for demonstrating work in progress in a public forum.

Meetings are open to people of all skill levels and backgrounds making it a great place to meet fellow aspiring game developers.


In recent years Indie City Games recognized the necessity to better server the needs of the Chicago interactive arts scene which lead to the creation of The Chicago Foundation for the Interactive Arts with the intention of the CFIA becoming an umbrella organization where groups like Indie City Games can prosper.