A challenge to manage for many artists and organizations is being able to receive funds from governmental grant making organizations,  foundations, and corporations that restrict funding of independent projects to 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations. Furthermore many artists and organizations do not even realize that this avenue of funding is available to them.

The Chicago Foundation for the Interactive Arts' Fiscal Sponsorship program was created to support independent artists and organizations to realize what funding opportunities exist and navigate receiving funds with restrictions. Your project would operate under the 501(c)(3) banner with all the benefits that brings.

As a Fiscally Sponsored project you also gain the ability for your audience to make a charitable contribution to your mission which they can deduct from their federal Tax returns. This also applies to fundraising through crowdfunding which can positively impact your relationship with those who support you.

Currently Sponsored Programs

Bit Bash

Founded in April 13, 2014, Bit Bash is the Midwest's most prestigous interactive arts festival featuring a strongly curated exhibition of alternative digital games and interactive art pieces from under-represented artists working within the interactive arts medium.

The take great pride in creating environments focused on positivity, and exposing the public to lesser-known video games in a safe and inclusive environment. They strive to make video games accessible for everyone, putting Chicago on the map as an amazing place to be in the indie games community.

Furthermore Bit Bash works a number of local organizations and institutions to champion their mission of bringing inspiring work to the public.


Voxel Collective

Voxel Collective is an organization fostering gender diversity in the video games industry. Their programming aims to create positive change through a variety of events such as meetups and game jams.